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Interior design

What is the design project for?

Many people consider interior design to be an excessive luxury or an extra item in the budget of the whole repair. 

At first look, everything is simple and the interior design can be created by yourself. There is a room plan, a piece of paper, a pencil. Two hours of time and the same amount for the disputes with family and everything is ready. You can run to the stores and buy items for a perfect repair.

But in practice, everything is not so bright. In the process of repair or at the stages of furniture placement, it turns out that there was not enough wallpaper, linoleum is not cut properly, and the sofa does not fit where planned. And this is only a tiny part of the difficulties, which may arise due to incorrect planning and calculations in the process of apartment repair.

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Competent layout of the interior design is not just beautifully selected color of wallpaper and tiles.


Interior design is, first of all, a well-thought-out space, functionality of which is planned in detail. Plans of furniture arrangement, items, home appliances will help to avoid the eternal problem of lack of sockets or unpleasant hits on the corners of furniture.

The smallest details of the interior, like a bedside table, will delight you with comfort, when in the evening you put a cup of cocoa and a remote from the TV.

Any room, be it an apartment, office, or cafe requires a competent calculation of all the details. This is what a comfortable stay here will consist of, as well as convenience of using furniture and household appliances. The aesthetic part of interior design is also not the last issue in space planning. For example, an unsuccessfully chosen wall color in the living room may just annoy you, and you will not even understand what is the cause of emotional overload. And the lighting, exposed too bright, or too dim, can even cause health problems.

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Interior designer will help to avoid all these unpleasant moments and help you find a comfortable and cozy space, which will be designed to ensure proper and convenient usage of the living or working space. The costs of interior design planning are not as high as they seem at first. If you compare it with a very frequent overpayment to workers, spoiled materials or remodeling finished parts of the object.


As usual, "forgotten" to be placed by electricians and plumbers cables or pipes, lead to the removal of ready-made walls and huge additional costs, which sometimes reach a third or even half of the entire budget. When planning an interior design, this is calculated at the stage of plans and drawings of all communications. And the author's supervision of the interior designer to avoid improper performance of work during the repair process.

In most of the budgets for renovation, the cost of creating an interior design project does not exceed ten percent of the total budget.

Ensure a comfortable life by planning every inch of your space!

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