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About the kitchen

How to create a comfortable kitchen

If the kitchen is not properly designed, then a person can go a few extra kilometers.

The main idea in the kitchen layout is the "working triangle rule". To avoid unnecessary movements you should stick to the scenario: refrigerator-washer-stove.

If the host is right-handed, these zones should be placed in a clockwise direction. If a person is left-handed - it is vice versa.

It is present in all types of layout except linear.

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1. Aim for a working triangle.
2. Minimum recommended height of the working surface is 85 cm. But it all depends on your height.
3. If you make an "island" kitchen, the minimum passage must be at least 1 m. Ideally, it will be 1.2 m.
4. Do not put the sink next to the stove. It is recommended to leave a minimum of 60 cm between them.

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5. If possible, it is better to place the oven above the tabletop level (so as not to bend over every time you want to check on your dish).

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6. Facades with lifting mechanisms are the best solution for overhead hanging closets. For lower modules - choose sliding drawers.

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7. Pencil closets with sliding systems will help you save space in the kitchen. They have plenty of space to store inventory and food. 

8. Near the stove should be placed a narrow sliding drawers "kargo".

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