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About repairs

Why entrust repair to professionals

You have a graduation party. To create a look for this important event, will you go to get a suit/dress in the atelier or will be sewing it by yourself? Will you go to the salon to cut and style your hair or "be your own hairdresser"?

I think you should contact a hairdresser after all. Why? Because this event is important and unique, and you want to look your best. Your house or apartment - it is also important. This is a place, where it should be comfortable and pleasant to live. A place where you will want to return again and again. And the first step to its creation is to trust the professionals in apartment repair.

The payment to the interior designer is 2-5% of the total estimate of your repair. A small percentage, which will save you from mistakes and, as a result, even more spending.

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Examples of neglect of the project

Hiring an interior designer or architect, you get rid of such a waste of time and nerves during the repair, such as the choice of materials, control of workers, selection of furniture.

You will get correctly designed space. Many people forget that the goal of the architect or interior designer is not just create a set of beautiful pictures. The main goal is to organize a proper usage of your space. And nowadays, when developers try to create huge residential complexes, and rent them out as soon as possible, it is practically impossible to find an apartment with a good layout, which you will not have to change.

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You will receive photorealistic 3d visualizations of the interior, which will allow you to see the final look of your home/apartment: colors, textures, shapes.

This is not just a set of pictures taken from the Internet or just a designer's fantasy. No. They are performed clearly after the approval of a plan.

If on the plan closet depth is 60cm, on the visualization and in life it will also be 60 cm.

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In addition, you will receive a set of technical drawings with the exact dimensions of the apertures, plans for the arrangement of lighting and electrical equipment, plumbing, furniture, etc.

All partitions are designed according to the dimensions of future furniture.

Each socket will be in its place

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Nothing's gonna stick out

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A furniture layout plan and a clear floor plan with materials and space

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