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Features of kitchen design

Important details

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Often, when planning the kitchen, people imagine a simple set of closets and devices, the appearance of which has not changed for many years. Now more and more people want to have a special and unusual kitchen design. I hope that this article will help you find out something new for yourself.

Metalized kitchen facades:


Kitchen surfaces with metal coating have long been used in professional kitchens, but in residential interiors, they can be found rarely, as someone thinks they are not very practical or not cozy.

Recently, solutions of metallized facades in kitchen design are becoming more and more popular, because they look very impressive. They may have to be wiped a little more often than kitchen facades with a wood texture, but beauty often requires sacrifice.

Now such effect can be obtained not only by taking a sheet of stainless steel, but also by processing the usual 
chipboard with liquid metal. Such surfaces can look stylish in any interior. It can be in a classic stylish or high-tech.

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Stone veneer:

Stone veneer is a building material in a form of a thin plate of natural stone with thickness from 0.1 to 0.2 mm, layers of which are fastened with polyester resin and fiberglass on the back side. The thickness of the plate varies depending on the layered surface and is 0.8 - 2.0 mm with a weight of 1.2 - 1.6 kg/m².

It can be used to decorate wall panels or, for example, kitchen facades.

Yes, it is not cheap material, but it is justified by the fact that it looks great in the design of the kitchen, it is easy to care for and, besides, it is durable.

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A material, as well as decorative plaster, can be applied to any surface, but has a higher strength. It can be used instead of tiles on the floor or as a kitchen apron. The coating turns out to be seamless, which means that there will be less zones of contamination.

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