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White in interior design

Why is white not a "hospital" color?

Probably many people have heard the: "Oh, white walls, it's like in a hospital", but if you ask "why?", you are unlikely to hear the arguments. Let's not find out who invented this stamp and why, but the white color definitely doesn't deserve this attitude. And that's why.

Белый интерьер
Белый интерьер
Белый интерьер

1. Lightness and airiness


White in color design better reflects the light and because of this space visually becomes bigger, lighter and brighter. Even a large full wall closet, if you paint it white, will not look so bulky.

Белый интерьер
Белый интерьер

2. Universality


White color in interior design is suitable for all styles: from classic to minimalism. It can be easily combined with any color scheme.

Белый интерьер классический стиль

Classic style

Белый интерьер средиземноморский стиль

Mediterranean style

Белый интерьер скандинавский стиль




Белый интерьер минимализм


White color will look great both in the children's room, and in the office of an international company.

You can create a completely white interior using different textures and materials, and it will be stylish, bold and at the same time cozy. White has many shades from "absolutely white" to "seashell color". Accordingly, the result will depend on your choice.

However, you should be careful with total white, because by simply repainting everything into white, you can get cold and lifeless space, so such experiments are better to be trusted to professionals.

Белый интерьер

3. Practicality

Of course, white sofa is not on the first place in practicality. However, if the fabric is of high quality, it won't be difficult to get rid of stains in the 21st century.

As for surfaces such as tiles and kitchen facades, most owners know that dark surfaces have to be wiped much more often.

Белый интерьер
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